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Dr. Vaibhav Shah Hair Restore is a well experienced center for Hair Transplant, Laser Hair Growth and Pioneering Cyclical Therapy using Vitamins, Diet and Lifestyle modification for the controlling Hair loss and creating new Hair growth.


Dr. Vaibhav Shah Hair Restore Center has all the sophisticated equipment run by efficient team .


Over the past few years, there have been a multitude of advances in facial surgical techniques.


Dr. Vaibhav Shah Hair Restore is an advanced facility dedicated to Hair regrowth & Hair Transplants in India.


Dr Vaibhav Shah Best Hair transplantation Clinic & Cost

Dr Vaibhav Shah’s clinic is the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai, because of the quality of results we produce. We offer Best hair transplantation in Mumbai, with our ability to use effectively the right combination while performing the procedure. Dr Vaibhav Shah’s Clinic Offers cheapest and best Hair transplant cost in Mumbai for the same quality of procedure followed by other clinics at a higher cost. You can also check hair transplant in Mumbai reviews of Doctor Vaibhav shah .

Hair transplant in Mumbai Dr Vaibhav shah’s Top Reviews

Review By Rajesh Thakkar from London , U.k
My thanks to Dr Vaibhav Shah for his approach and the cost in the hair transplantation surgery that they've done for me one and half years before the results has been exclusive and when compared to others hair transplant clinics in Mumbai Dr Vaibhav Shah Clinic and not just the clinic Doctor Vaibhav Shah himself is very approachable hardworking result oriented and even cost effective in face lift surgery. I have compared other hair transplant in Mumbai surgeons and the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai. When compared with other clinic is quite less in case of Dr Vaibhav Shah, but, I myself found it difficult to get this young charming doctor without naming other clinics. I would really like to share my observation about botox cosmetic , dysport, zeomin . this enthusiastic doctor he is quite practical and doesn't do any false promises and try to explain the patient about the universal Research and the possible consequences coming out of the hair transplantation surgery. I found him through Internet with lot of difficulties while searching for hair transplant in Mumbai price, lots of clinics lots of doctors with lots of offers and promises but mostly the marketing tactics to followed by these clinic doesn't give access to the doctor who is actually performing the surgery which wasn't the case in case of Dr Vaibhav Shah, he himself to you explain to you and does it insists market his procedure but tell you the actual and the facts and the relative consequences which will be the trains when the surgery is performed. If you are really serious about finding a real best hair transplant in Mumbai cost then Dr Vaibhav Shah is the only surgeon in my knowledge who answers you exactly for any kind of query which comes out of you now it depends on you that you go with the marketing tactics and pay more for the same results or try to understand and do the right counseling with every doctor if possible if you do this process on a long run you would certainly after meeting Dr Vaibhav Shah would conclude that he answers you accurately and satisfy you is you with the actual results at a very reasonable cost most importantly the access to the doctor is hundred percent he directly speak to you at any point of time where as compared to other doctors it is all a clinical procedure talking to the staff and then no Direct Access with the doctor. This doctor laser resurfacing , is so prompt in all kind of support that you need in regard to the hair transplantation procedures that he is performed and related habits and practices that has to be followed in the daily life if possible. Being an entrepreneur and working at Sheetal Packers Movers in Delhi online directory I have come up with this review after 1 year 7 months at this point of time I am still coordinating with Dr Vaibhav Shah as and when required would conclude and recommend Dr Vaibhav Shah as one of the top hair transplant in Mumbai best surgeons in his category with face and neck lift expertise . My message to all prospective patients , check fillers general information for hair transplant in Mumbai is that you will find lots of marketing clinics located in Prime Mumbai location following the marketing techniques and using all the ways to have a higher costing showing the celebrity profiles but the procedure of hair transplant remains the same and Dr Vaibhav Shah's clinic , with expert gauged earlobe repair , for hair transplant in Mumbai stands alone and unique for the factuals is that they keep in front of you and costing the day for the grafting so my suggestion is take concentration and go with the festivals and do not get trapped with the marketing techniques for the higher cost for the same procedure which you get even at Dr Vaibhav Shah has hair transplant clinic in Mumbai

Review By Deepak Singh Chopra
I am Deepak Singh Chopra I do international online export back and administration and live in the financial capital Mumbai I am coming up with this review after a real analysis of 3 and half years let me tell you in brief about 5 years before I have taken a head transplant in Mumbai with one of the most reputed Clinic and then just fooled me for not showing me the facts of the procedure and the percentage of success and failure rate which is quite not in any of the surgeon's hand and then frustrated on that day five years before now in 2014 I started doing a research and do you know to surprise you after one and half years I got the right person Dr Vaibhav Shah hair transplant Mumbai best surgeon and clinics. I would say there is nothing wrong in marketing and showing the best results and the reviews of the previous patients but there is definitely a wrong element with most of the hair transplant clinics not showing the negative consequences and the reasons which is out of the control of a human it probably is considered as they feel you're in hair transplant on the we understand that it's not in anyone's hand but these clinics are not telling the fact, this wasn't the case with Dr Vaibhav Shah he has been showing all the required information which was helpful in taking a decision about what could be the best clinic in this hair transplant procedure but according to me Dr Vaibhav Shah stands the only surgeon in hair transplant in Mumbai category to be very easily accessible with all his WhatsApp and email accounts there isn't any mediation or a kind of Corporate culture so this individually makes me more confident about taking a procedure at this clinic. There has been good thing about Dr Vaibhav Shah and it is that he educates you about the hair transplant completely makes you so confident about going ahead with him for the procedure that no other surgeon specially in my case was able to give me that level of confidence. I have seen his blogs on Internet and they offer amazing and the unique information which is recognized and appreciated and circulated and light and shade by the experts in the world in the category of hair implants. All this makes him prospectively the most successful hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai and he has the future to dominate in the quality of results with the costing which no other clinic according to me offers.

Review By Dinesh Mongolia businessman
I am Dinesh Mongolia businessman working on research on Areospace Engineering and gone on hair transplant surgery 3 years before which completely failed it was all a disappointing moment after that then I decided to look for a hair transplant clinic from where I can get the successful results in the way of doing Internet Research and talking to most of the clinics I will say insect all the clinics which are there in the category of hair transplant in Mumbai I approached and spoke to them and was not getting the kind of satisfaction I required because I already failed in the surgery once I continued my research for getting the right person if possible to help me out and then I found Dr Vaibhav Shah through one of this blogs which was appreciated internationally by the authorities in the hair transplant category then I myself directly spoke to him and was quite surprised to see that he in fact was the first doctor who spoke to me when compared to other hair transplant clinics in Mumbai, which has a kind of system where the call goes here and there and then routine consultation this doctor in fact I help me understand what I require and what are the circumstances and the situation in which my surgery failed he is gone through all the photos provided by me of the previous one and the after surgery and today is my kind of baldness which is still there. Now that I'm at Dr Vaibhav Shah’S clinic I came to know nothing but the truth of hair transplantation procedure consequences and the circumstances under which the things are working out I know the facts and why and what the results would be was clearly explain to me by this doctor I decided to go with him for the kind of quality information he had and it has been now one year and the results are there because of the Unique case study which he has done before performing the surgery I am just so happy about being lucky to get his details and approach him had I not approached him and not done this all research. I Would Still Be in the marketing trap of other hair transplant in Mumbai clinics cost of hair transplant in Mumbai at this Dr Vaibhav’s clinic is for lesser than other clinics which are so called well established in fact they are charging you very high with stock this doctor explains you but for all this you need to invest time and efforts finally I would recommend this doctor all based on the merits which I found in my specific case might be you all readers and prospective hair transplant patients please go on to the clinic not on the basis of marketing techniques but on the basis of merits thank you very much Dr Vaibhav Shah